The Boat and Caravan storage seemed a logical diversification utilising the empty buildings and yard areas following the sale of our dairy herd. 2018/2019 will be our fourteenth winter season and we are pleased to receive numerous repeat bookings. Some of the caravans and motorhomes live with us all year and we give our customers  two months free storage annually. Boats are usually laid up for the winter months and we offer a flat rate of £120.00 (including V.A.T.) for trailer storage  during the summer while the boats are on the water.

Indoor and outdoor storage facilities are available. Our customers are also provided with areas to wash or carry out maintenance on their boats and vehicles on request.

2018/2019 Rates - all inclusive of V.A.T.

Boats: outdoors £3.00 per ft per month, indoors £5.00 per ft per month -

Summer trailer storage available for a flat rate of £120.00

Cars/Caravans/Motorhomes: outdoors £45.00 per month, indoors £60.00 per month

Discounts available for long term storage and loyalty bonuses for repeat bookings